Will my membership be affected?

    There will be no changes to your membership, or to any services provided in the short term. Any changes will be communicated well in advance.

    New members are also welcome to join.

    Will my community group/swim club be affected?

    There will be no changes to any services or existing agreements in the short term. Any changes to member experiences or changes to service will be communicated well in advance.

    How will my feedback be used? Who will see my feedback?

    Your input will be used to inform the public tender process and help ensure any proposals from external management companies reflect our community’s needs and preferences.

    All feedback received will be collated and reviewed by an independent provider who will produce a consolidated report for input into Council’s decision-making process.

    Has Council made a decision to outsource the management of Council’s Aqualink facilities?

    Whitehorse Council has made the decision to explore a change to the management model of our two Aqualink facilities from an in-house model to an external contract management model.

    Following a rigorous service review, we found that an external contract model could bring a new level of expertise and focus to our leisure services, and help to ensure long-term financial sustainability for Council. It's about looking at how we can do things differently and more efficiently. An external management model has the potential to enhance our current level of service to the community, and bring potential financial benefits.

    Where is Council up to in the decision process on the potential to use an external management company?

    Ware preparing a public tender process which will invite external management companies to submit a proposal to manage our Aqualink facilities from 1 July 2025 onwards (dates are subject to change). 

    Once we have received proposals from management companies, Council will then consider these and decide on next steps. Any decisions made by Council will incorporate our community’s needs and preferences for the services and programs offered at our Aqualink centres. 

    Has Council already decided on a preferred management company?

    No. Exploring management companies will be done through a tender process.

    Council has started developing detailed contract documentation to undertake a comprehensive public tender process, to ensure programs and services meet the needs of the Whitehorse community.

    A public tender process enables all tender documentation to be made available publicly to all interested parties. This ensures all interested parties have equal access to the process and it is not limited to a select number of suppliers.

    When will the new management provider take over Aqualink?

    Any decisions made around the future of the external management company won't come into effect until at least 30 June 2025.

    In the meantime, there will be no changes to the services provided until this date and we will continue to keep members and the community updated.