Why has this Draft Masterplan been developed?

    The Draft East Burwood Reserve Masterplan has been developed to help holistically guide the renewal of the reserve’s aging facilities. It will also address the significant shift in community’s needs for open space in the past decadeWe want to make sure the reserve continues to be a valued asset for our community now and into the future.

    What consultation has been undertaken with the community so far?

    From July to August 2022, we consulted with the reserve’s sporting clubs, the community and other relevant stakeholders.

    A community open day was also held on Saturday 16 July 2022. More than 40 people attended the community event and discussed their ideas and issues using the reserve. We received 647 responses in total from the community through our online survey. These responses have informed the content of the Draft Masterplan.

    Has this plan been finalised?

    No, the Draft Masterplan has been developed based on initial feedback from the community and the key stakeholders. Were now giving the community an opportunity to view it and to tell us if we got it right.

    What happens to my feedback?

    The feedback we receive will be used to further refine the Draft Masterplan. Following this, an updated Masterplan will be presented to Council for endorsement at a meeting later this year.

    When will this plan be implemented?

    The plan is currently in draft stage. Once the final Masterplan is endorsed by Council later this year, the projects listed in the plan will be added to our capital works program for construction. Actual construction dates for each individual project will be determined based on the project’s priority, budget and available grant funding.